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“YOUNG JUSTICE” SEASON 3 is a ‘VERY REAL’ possibility



young justice, warner bros., the action pixel, entertainment on tap, season 3, netflix, @theactionpixel, dc comics, wb animation

young justice, warner bros., the action pixel, entertainment on tap, season 3, netflix, @theactionpixel, dc comics, wb animation

Fans of the DC Comics series Young Justice have been bummed out since finding that gthe show after two seasons was cancelled. And after much speculation and theories, the series creator Greg Weisman dispels the rumours. Apparently money ran out:

The thing to keep in mind was why the show was cancelled in the first place. And it’s a very simple equation. I’ve seen all sorts of rumours and stuff on the internet. I debunk the same damn rumours over and over, but the actual truth is very straightforward. I’m sure there are other little complications involved, but they’re minor compared to the big thing, which was the budget for the show was paid for by money we received by Mattel in exchange for the toy license. When the toy line for Young Justice failed, and you could have a whole eight hour discussion on why it failed, that’s so beside the point that it doesn’t matter. The toy line failed. The money from Mattel stopped coming in. There was no money to make the show. It’s that simple.

But Weisman however doesn’t dispel the possibility that a Season 3 could still be made. In fact, he’s given a list of things fan can do to to make the return of Young Justice a ‘very real’ possibility:

  • 1. Watch Young Justice Season 1 and 2 on Netflix (as many times as possible).
  • 2. Buy NEW copies of the DVDs and/or digital copies through Amazon and iTunes (WB doesn’t get any revenue from old/used copies).
  • 3. Purchase the Young Justice digital comics through Comixology to show WB there is interest.

Weisman continues further:

Why that is important, it’s not some conspiracy or that it has the wrong audience, it’s not any of those things. The reason why it’s important to know why it was cancelled is because that’s the key to figure out how to bring it back. What can we do to pay for the show in a different way? The answer to that is you want to demonstrate, specifically to Warner Bros., also to a number of companies that sort of hover around, or divisions that hover around Warner Bros. animation, that there are alternative ways to pay for the show. So first and foremost, what I’m asking people to do is [use the hashtag] #KeepBingingYJ. That first hashtag is mostly about Netflix.



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