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EA has plans to make Assassin’s Creed-styled ‘gigantic’ game; new IP game coming in 2017



ea, electronic arts, the action pixel, @theactionpixel, entertainment on tap, assassin's creed,

ea, electronic arts, the action pixel, @theactionpixel, entertainment on tap

Even as Ubisoft’s move into the film re: Assassin’s Creed is causing a stir or sorts, it seems EA are on the verse of entering the ring with an Assassin’s Creed-style game in the near future.

CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke on the issue, saying:

We feel like there’s a huge opportunity for us to continue to invest in new areas of the business like the action genre where we haven’t competed historically. There’s a very ripe opportunity for us to invest in and we’ve been able to bring great talent in to build out that part of the business…

And though we’d love to see what this amounts to creatively, it seems we are some ways off from seeing this title come to fruition:

today we’re building an action genre product that’s probably in our fiscal 20 or 21

And with EA currently in Fiscal Year 17, we’re looking at maybe four plus years from now (2020 or 2021) before we get anything in the ‘exclusive reveal’ department.

But fret not, Electronic Arts surely have more than one irons in the fire, as a yet unannounced IP is slated to make landfall to gaming fans in 2017:

We do have a new IP coming next year, we haven’t yet announced it but its something probably coming up soon

E3 2016, anyone?

And with news of EA announcing a Star Wars video game every-year, including the coming Star Wars Battlefront sequel in 2017, Electronic Arts seems to have some awesome projects lined up. And barring the odd delays and release date pushbacks, we hope they don’t overstretch and deliver great content.

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