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Bethesda reveals new “DOOM” trailer + release date



doom. bethesda. id software. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

doom. bethesda. id software. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

The game that was all the rage at E3 drops another mortar round, unveiling a new campaign trailer and game release date.

Description reads:

Get a closer look at the adrenaline-pumping, single-player campaign in the latest trailer for DOOM – the all-new FPS from id Software arriving worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Friday, May 13th. As the iconic DOOM Marine, you wake to learn that the Union Aerospace Corporation’s facility on Mars has been decimated and overrun by hordes of demons. Humanity’s survival rests in your hands – and your hands alone. Fight Like Hell.

In DOOM’s campaign, there is no taking cover or stopping to regenerate health as you beat back Hell’s raging demon hordes. Combine your arsenal of futuristic and iconic guns, upgrades, movement and an advanced melee system to knock down, slash, stomp, crush, and blow apart demons in creative and violent ways.

See the DOOM Campaign Trailer in the player below:

doom. bethesda softworks. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

DOOM is set for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC come May 13th 2016


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