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“Daredevil” S2 release date announcement brings Marvel clashing with DC



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UPDATE: It seems we got our wires crossed. Turned out to be a rumour. The new release date for S2 is actually March 18 2016

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With the incredible tease and images slowly trickling out of the Netflix / Marvel camp re Daredevil S2, we now have a release date: March 25th

Yep, fans of the Man Without Fear can see him take on Elektra and The Punisher this year. But this particular day has, well some other significance in the comic book realm… can’t quite place my superfinger on it… oh yes. It is the same release date as Batman V Superman in cinemas.
daredevil. batman. marvel. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel.

Deliberate? A coincidoink? Who knows, but it isn’t the first time Marvel pit its release date with a DC feature; May 6, 2016 was the original release date announced for Dawn Of Justice, and Marvel came in announcing the same release date for Captain America: Civil War.

But we guess it all boils down to whether your staying in or going out come release date. DC or Marvel’s devil? In the end for us we’ll be partaking both.

Daredevil season 2 (+ Batman V Superman) is set for release on Netflix (in cinemas) March 25th 2015


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