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Hi-Res “Gotham” pictures of Mr. Freeze released



mr freeze. mr. freeze. gotham. the action pixel. fox. @theactionpixel

Next year is already proving to be a cold one with the Gotham teaser and our first look at Mr Freeze.

Well now we got some hi-res images for ya of the man himself (played by Nathan Darrow) and his gun. Check it:

mr freeze. mr. freeze. gotham. the action pixel. fox. @theactionpixel
mr freeze gun. mrfreeze_gun. mr. freeze. gotham. the action pixel. fox. @theactionpixel 

Darrow spoke to the today show about his character:

I have to plead some ignorance here. I never saw Batman & Robin, and I’ve seen bits of the old TV show but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything involving Mr. Freeze. I looked at some artwork and there’s these backstories that’s written about the character. I grabbed some of that. I find the character to be like a lot of the characters on the show: What becomes interesting is this “villainy” is really something that is revealed out of a person in some particular circumstances with a particular history and what they care about combined with their own level of fear about being alive and being in the rather difficult world of Gotham.

mr freeze. gotham. rise of the villains. season 2. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Gotham returns with all-new episodes premiering on FOX come February 29th 2016


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