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Marvel announces the return of Silver Surfer



silver surfer #1 cover. @theactionpixel the action pixel. #Entertainmentontap. marvel

silver surfer #1 cover. @theactionpixel the action pixel. #Entertainmentontap. marvelMarvel is set to bring back the Silver Surfer by to comic shelves in All-New, All-Different Marvel in 2016. The Dan Slott and Mike Allred crafted series will be reigniting the adventures of the cosmic kind.

Check out the cover art:silver surfer #1 cover. @theactionpixel the action pixel. #Entertainmentontap. marvel

Marvel’s Silver Surfer #1 comes out on comic shelves in 2016

“What do you guys think of the cover? Is their something happening in the film rights department re: Silver Surfer why the revival? Fox has the film rights of Fantastic Four along with Silver Surfer, and of course Marvel is used to killing off their characters that they don’t own the film rights to. Deadpool, Fantastic Four, X-Men… So is their news coming out re: FOX giving the rights up for Fantastic Four, our maybe brokering a Sony-Marvel type collab?What do you think. Let us know in the comment section below


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