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Wonder Woman will be set in 1920s and World War II



Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in BVS: Dawn Of Justice

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in BVS: Dawn Of JusticeGal Gadot, despite appearing in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, set in an era of modernity, the solo Wonder Woman feature will be a live action film set in the roaring twenties and World War 2. After all she is in our #TAP10 patriotic heroes of all time.

Part of the film will be set in Wonder Woman’s home Themyscira. Also called as Paradise Island, is home to the Amazons, and the island is comprised solely of women. Warring Amazonian factions are vying for control on the island and the sudden arrival of a man on the island add kindle to the fire. But whether this man will be Steve Trevor, the love interest typically portrayed in the comics, and was at one point hinted to be played by Chris Pine, which may have been a cover to mask certain advancements being made on DC feature Green Lantern.

She then enters our world amidst a second world War and women just getting the vote:

When Wonder Woman joins him on his return to the world of Man, we all discover that it is the 1920s. And the film will then show Diana exploring that world – a world where women have only just got the vote – from her unique perspective.

wonder woman. batman v superman: dawn of justice. wb. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThis will be the first solo superhero outing from DC Comics following Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice. There also other solo DC hero outings to support the coming of Justice League 1 and 2, not to mention the planned Batman solo film as well as a possible follow up to Snyder’s Man Of Steel.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 23rd 2017

“Wonder Woman by all means seems to be a prequel to BVS. So what say you? A nice way to enrich the vibrant stories of the DCU? How old would this make Diana in modern days then? Or is age just a number. This would make Diana a cougar’s cougar? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section!”


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