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Ezra Miller hints at a cross between DC TV and DCCU?



ezra miller is the flash. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

ezra miller is the flash. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelAs you know, Ezra Miller is set to play the Scarlet Speedster aka Barry Allen in the coming DC Comics feature The Flash Movie, set to premiere in cinemas in 2018. And if you couldn’t tell, Ezra’s a bit of a comic geek:

Barry Allen is the hero of the Silver Age who follows a lot of really interesting discoveries in physics. Where he comes from, we figured out the Event Horizon was there, and he was the character who was created through our mythos machine of comic books to break that Event Horizon, so we could explore in fantasy… I think that’s an interesting idea, and what’s an interesting idea to me is, ‘What the f**k does that do to someone?’

As such, this MTV interivew on first glance should not come as a surprise. But what should send your geek sensabilities to overstimulation is what Ezra says about his role and the apparent aim of cohesiveness between DC Comics TV and the DC Cinematic Universe. Can we expect major crossovers in the future?

When The Flash TV series is mentioned and whether he watched it, and whether he’d star in it if given the opportunity:

I’m not avoiding it. I’m not avoiding it at all. I think it’s awesome! C’mon, we’re The Flash! It’s parallel universes! Grant Gustin is The Flash AND I’m The Flash, don’t you see? It’s the Event Horizon, we crossed it baby! Grant and I are chillin’, we’re gonna have a race, it’s gonna be dope. Like Jay Garrick and Barry Allen back in the day. It’s going to be dope!

“Parallel Universes” isn’t quite “Intersecting”. Chances are this is more fantasy than fiction, and would mean some major Marvel-esque co-ordination and locking in of narratives to meet some grand mandelbrot design. Or we could let narratives develop naturally. Whatevs.

Check out the interview:


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