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Brian K. Vaughan set to write one-off comic issue for The Walking Dead



the walking dead. image comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

the walking dead. image comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelBrian K. Vaughan pen knows no bounds. Those who are fans of his Eisner-winning epic voyage simply entitled Saga or We Stand On Guard can also look to the panel spreads of The Walking Dead to get even more of his deft narrative skill.

Yep, Vaughan will be writing a one-off comic story for The Walking Dead series. After helping to spearhead popular pay-what-you-will indie digital series over at, The Walking Dead’s comic creator Robert Kirkman approached Vaughan to release Private Eye on Image Comics physically. Undoubtedly the two have struck up a working relationship at the least, and now things seem to be going the collaborative route with Vaughan now penning the one-off TWD issue.

Vaughan explains:

…in November, we’re going to do an exclusive one-shot [of The Walking Dead]. I’m writing it, and Marcos is going to do art, and it will be available digitally for whatever price you think is fair, at And people who want print, they can pick up The Private Eye finally, exclusively from Image.

Awesome. Should be a great read.

“What do you think of Brian K. Vaughan writing a one-off TWD issue? Should it be a regular gig? Greater chance stories may lack diversity if it comes from the same writer, never mind the skill of the penholder? Let us know what you guys think. Comment section!”


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