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The Walking Dead news teased for Telltale Games E3 presentation



clementine. The Walking Dead. telltale game. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

clementine. The Walking Dead. telltale game. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

We’re heading down to Los Angeles next week for E3, and we’re packing something special for you guys!

Those were the words coming from the Telltale Games’ Camp. and unlike the full divulgement of news by other game developers coming to the E3 Expo, or the leaks spouting from the likes of Bethesda on a possible Dishonored 2, Telltale Games has been keeping a lid on things.

But what we do know, this “big Announcement” will be made on the official YouTube LIVE E3 channel on Monday, June 15th at 9:00am PT. But don’t expect anything along the third instalment for the prolific The Walking Dead game based on the Image Comics / Robert Kirkman franchise. But TWD fans were told it was pretty big news. Nothing more fateful than Telltale’s Director of PR Job Stauffer:

Expect something fresh. Something untold. And yes, something bigger than a single episode…

That was one thing that got me about playing Season 1 and Season 2, is how quickly I ran through the game; I tend to binge when gameplay is too good. So a more long form game would be hella welcomed. As to what to expect? The new game comes in 2015, so could it be a game that ties into the coming AMC film spin-off Fear The Walking Dead? A prequel to the prequel?

But the real feat is Telltale has managed to keep their news close to the vest.

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