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James Wan set to direct Robotech adaptation



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robotech. anime. the action pixel. @theactionpixelJames Wan we suspect is an alien who can transmute at will, as the director is at the spearhead of many creative projects for some cool IPs. Wan’s set to direct an adaptation of Robotech

The 1980’s anime helped define the mecha genre and news comes down that James Wan recently locked down the IP to direct the film. The live action is set to be adapted under the Sony banner.

So when the aliens invade, we’ll definitely look forward to the nature response of building bad ass mechanised armoured giants to fight of the alien threat.

Hey, and a chance to see characters like Claudia Grant) in live action… what is there not to writhe like a junkie with unbridled anticipation?

Wan is one busy bee, as he is set to direct The Conjuring 2: The Endfield Experiment for 2016, which begins production come Autumn 2015.

Oh, yeah, apparently he is directing Aquaman too.

Robotech seems to be just coming of the ground, but the war drums have been talking for while via Sony’s leaked email, which hinted that Robotech was being looked at for a live-action adaptation via Sony’s persistent leaked emails and poor security. In one of the emails the Robotech synopsis was quoted as “when an alien spacecraft crashes in the South Pacific, the people of Earth develop giant robots from the alien technology in order to fend off a wave of alien invasions.”

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