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Game Of Thrones: Ascent trailer



game of thrones ascent. disruptor beam. hbo. the action pixel. @theactionpixelGame Of Thrones has been growing strength to strength, with the epic TV series hitting Season 6 next year, GOT’s been taking a bit of a stroll down mobile game lane, releasing the spectacular Telltale Game series earlier this year.

gotAscent2Now the HBO series has teamed up with Disrupter Beam to give us a whole new iOS experience- Game Of Thrones: Ascent.

Description reads:

Build your noble house, embark on iconic tales and quests, all to rise in power in the RPG based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and George R.R. Martin’s novels A Song of Ice and Fire!

With Game of Thrones: Ascent, fans can immerse themselves beyond the books and show, living the life of a noble in Westeros, working with (or against) each other in a persistent, authentic game world. Taking part in thousands of story-driven quests, players delve deeply into the lore and develop their own lands and reputation among the Great Houses. Players explore an expansive world filled with deep political and social play involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages, and betrothals. Join tens of thousands of other players in our active game community in Alliance vs. Alliance Combat, or explore the story through the all-new Tales of Ice and Fire system!

See the trailer in the player below:


It is what you would expect. Join a House, build an empire and take on any who oppose you. Like Clash Of Clans. I suspect many people will be clamming towards House Of Stark, when they really are more of the Lannister / asshole crowd.

Features of the game include:
Tales of Ice and Fire!: In this all-new system, players can engage with Westeros in a whole new way – reaping epic rewards in quick-to-play Tales, assigning Sworn Swords to challenges, and completing tasks at each location. Players that succeed can earn and collect rewards immediately or rely on their Sworn Sword’s experience, gear and some luck to push onto the next challenge – or fail in the attempt! Players can compare their results with their friends on a Tales-specific leaderboard system.

Next Age of DRAGONS!: Players can not only find a dragon egg and hatch it into a baby dragon but now, with the launch of Fire & Blood, players can evolve their baby dragons into young, adolescent dragons – by far the most desired companion in all of Westeros! Use the brand new Dragon Pit building to evolve uncolored, Red, Tan and Green dragons and unlock their incredible potential!

New Buildings: In addition to a new Dragon Pit, Fire & Blood adds the Great Hall to your holdings where you can trade special items earned in the Tales of Ice & Fire system, using all new recipes.

New ‘Season 5’ Content: The launch of Fire & Blood follows the Season 5 kick-off of the TV show. As with previous seasons, players can play through new content, quests, and purchase items that sync with each new episode. Watch on Sunday, play on Monday!

game of thrones ascent. disruptor beam. hbo. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Game of Thrones: Ascent is available now to play in the Apple Store, Facebook, Amazon Fire and Google Play


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