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Out of the ashes of Marvel’s Secret Wars comes… New MU?!




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Secret Wars is more than Marvel shuffling the deck. It’s them starting a whole new game. And for a while it seemed the comics branch of the the entertainment empire was wondering haphazardly and non-chalanlty towards certain destruction. But Marvel has a plan. And after what is sure to be the nuclear fallout, our of the ashes of Battleworld (Marvel’s Utah) will come… New MU.

8 months later. the action pixel. @theactionpixelNew cat food product originating from mainland China? No. That is Marvel’s new universe post-Secret Wars. New titles are set to jump of the new era at Marvel, jumping 8 months after the cataclysmic event of Secret Wars. In that sense, Marvel’s taking a page or two from DC long running narrative arcs like The New 52 and One Year Later titles.

Titles set to be in the New MU include A-Force, Weirdworld, All-New, All Different Avengers and Uncanny Inhumans, the Maestro, and Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos.

Marvel’s Tom Brevoort had this to say about Marvel’s plans post-Secret Wars:

In the same way that events jumped forward in time eight months in Avengers and New Avengers during the lead-up to Secret Wars, so too when we enter the new Marvel Universe eight months will have passed for all of the characters as well. This provides our creators, even apart from Secret Wars, to drop into exciting new situations and status quos on the fly. So look for surprises and mysteries and changes galore as series resume in the NEW MU.

As we’ve been saying, the building blocks of the NEW MU are being established throughout the various Secret Wars titles, with every series contributing something to the NEW MU. Whether that something is a character, a place, an environment, an object, a status quo, or any other thing that you might think of

Well, I guess this means goodbye to Marvel as we know it, and hello to New MU.

“Like the title given to the afterbirth that will be the Marvel universe post Secret Wars? Or how about the leading comic tiles carrying the flag of a new dawning age gracing Marvel comic pages? Let us know what you think in the comment section.”


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