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Is Psycho-Pass set for a new instalment?



psychopass. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

psychopass. the action pixel. @theactionpixelPsycho-Pass, if you were on it when it first aired back in 2012, definitely had us thinking how screwed society would be if the police had that much power, and you could face incarceration for having as much as a negative emotional reaction to anything.

The series had awesome influences and narratives entwined in its narrative; think GITS meets Minority Report.

Well the series producer Akitoshi Mori in an interview with Dengeki Online has shown interest in continuing the big brother society of Psycho-Pass, saying thinking that I’d like to do a future instalment”. And seeing the last we have seen of Psycho-Pass was the sequel back in 2014, we sure could use another anime in the franchise.

Call us greedy.

But it’s not just the prospect of another anime feature that should get you get excited for. As it turns out, the franchise also has an Xbox game coming out too; Psycho-Pass: Sentaku Naki Kōfuku will be released in Japan on May 28th 2015

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