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New Sailor Moon Series 2 to be released



sailor moon crystal. toei animation. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

sailor moon crystal. toei animation. the action pixel. @theactionpixelShort skirts, long legs and transformations that could rival any techno club lighting arrangement is what made up Sailor Moon animation watching back in the good ol’ 1990’s. Now Sailor Moon apparently is being revamped in the reboot series Sailor Moon Crystal.

It’s being shown in France, of all places, on the French cable channel Canal J, aiming 8-14 years old kiddies. They purchased the rights to do so. The first season will start in the fall of this year, comprised 26 26-minute episodes.

The second season is also in development too via Toei Animation in Japan where the broadcast will start in the Summer.

Oh just talking about it makes us feel like glitter.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 is due to air in Japan in Summer 2015


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