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Marvel MCU animation “in the works”



Iron man: rise of the technovores. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Iron man: rise of the technovores. the action pixel. @theactionpixelWhen it comes to Marvel and great animated pieces, the last thing you probably remembered watching that was half way to decent was probably Iron Man: Rise of The Technovores. And while the MCU is comprised of an expanding canon of films, things on the animation side are often churned out for Disney XD series consumption. However, news from Marvel Exec hint that animation is about to be step up its animation game to the level of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

An MCU animation is apparently already “in the works” according to Cort Lane, VP of Animation Development and Production at Marvel Television. He made the comments at the Marvel Animation panel at Emerald City Comic-Con, when asked by a fan.

But one has to wonder with the nature of the MCU, and animation itself, if creating an MCU animation would be trying to punch a corner puzzle piece into the middle of a puzzle picture. The MCU as it is spans 2 TV shows a score of feature films, so maybe animation would be best discovering their own MCU’s / auxiliary narratives. I mean it’s not like the fans will get an aneurysm if an animation about, say, a Superior Iron Man doesn’t tie-in with that Iron Man 3 Film made ages ago? Right?

What do you think the first MCU animated project should be? A Marvel Knight? Something from the crates? Who’d you want to see from the Marvel Universe animated?


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