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DC’s Infinite Crisis official launch date announced



DC Comics infinite crisis. the action pixel . @theactionpixel

DC Comics infinite crisis. the action pixel . @theactionpixelThe Turbine free-to-play MOBA has officially announced it release date for later this month. Infinite Crisis, the game that has been in open beta for quite a while now is set for official launch come March 26.

Gamers will be able to control a range of heroes and villains from the vast smorgasboard that is the DC Multiverses, playing varied characters from said universes including Batman, the Joker to Hawkgirl.

Surely a rival to Marvel’s Contest Of Champions, Turbine intends to add to the gaming experience through regular updates to maps, new characters and contests.

To see what you’ve been missing, see the Infinite Crisis trailer that made us want to fight for something:


Infinite Crisis releases officially on March 26th 2015


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