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Marvel’s Thor outdoes her predecessor in sales




Thor-is-all-woman @theactionpixel.comThor. the action pixel. @theactionpixelIt’s official. Marvel’s current Thor, the chick with the attitude and penchant for badassery is doing way better than Man-Thor did in his hey-day.

The first four female books sold close to 20,000 copies, more than the last four Thor issues in 2012.

The new Thor also premiered with high numbers compared to the premiere of Thor: God of Thunder, moving 150,862 copies in October 2014 in comparison to male-Thor’s 65,513 in November 2012.

So surely we have to wait till she gets up in prime to see how many units she still mores, but in any case, the figures surely look positive. This is obviously good because it is bringing a new readership, which is exact what comics need for new perspectives and narratives.

The sales show the female edition of the Norse God sixth in the list with circulation reaching more than 93,000 copies.
Amazing Spider Man #9, All New Captain America #1 and Batman take the top three spots.

Thor is also set to reveal her true identity come Thor #8 in May.

Keep it up, Marvel. Feels like the 90’s again.

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