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Superior Iron Man debuts on Marvel’s Contest Of Champions



Superior iron man special moves Banner

Superior iron man special moves BannerMarvel + Kabam MOBA game Contest of Champions has given Iron Man a much needed upgrade as the Superior Iron Man.

Other than scraping off the red and gold finish for a sleek chrome polish, the Superior Iron Man has a special array of special attack moves under his belt including “Repulsor Ray”, “Uni-Beam” and “Billion-Dollar Punch”:Superior iron man special moves Banner. Kabam + marvel. the action pixel @the action pixel

It was only recently that they unveiled Electro making his way as one of the roster fighters on the game.
Check out the special em>Contest of Champions “Superior Iron Man” trailer from Marvel in the player below:

In Contest of Champions players take hold of Marvel’s mightiest heroes in a fight to preserve Earth in a Mortal Kombat-esque battle organised by the Collector to ultimately decide Earth’s fate. You go up against Kang the Conqueror and Thanos, taking on brainwashed / controlled agents fighting in landmarks in the Marvel Universe, like Asgard and SHIELD’s helipad.

We guess Iron Man has a real drive to fight now… which would be to keep his suit shiny.

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