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Legend Of Zelda live action series in development by Netflix



legend of zelda Netflix. Nintendo. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

Legend of Zelda game title for the Wii U. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelFantasy is the hot potatoes right now in film and game IPS. The sprawling worlds of Game Of Thrones, the likes of Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor… the list is endless.

legend of zelda Netflix. Nintendo. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelNetflix has been the bee’s knees greenlighting what has turned out to be quite the Marvel’s year with the coming of Daredevil and Jessica Jones to the streaming film service. But it seems Netflix has turned their attention to developing a well known game franchise into a live action series: Legend Of Zelda.

In a rare collaboration with Nintendo, a Legend Of Zelda live-action series is in the early stages of development. Which is very uncharacteristic of Nintendo seeing they are aggressively protective of their IPs. Hell they want to charge game blogers on YouTube re: their YouTube / Nintendo “Revenue Sharing Program” that sees any poster who joins have any revenue generated from posting of a Nintendo game video divided amongst the poster, YouTube and Nintendo (guess who gets the least). And if you are not a part of the program, well, your video gets taken down over Copyright claims. Yeesh.

But as far as narrative goes, we more or less should expect it to follow the story of the game, where Link, a swordsman in the world of Hyrule, goes off to rescue Princess Zelda (who always seems to be getting kidnapped by the evil sorceror Ganon. Netflix’s approach to the classic game film is creating a Game Of Thrones fantasy adventure, but without the rear-smashing, incest or anything you wouldn’t expect in a kid’s series.

Legend of Zelda game title for the Wii U. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelAnd with a Legend Of Zelda game in development making its way to us, just maybe this Netflix film will help start a new culture of triple-A games for Nintendo and a less tight-fisted approach to allowing fans’ promotion of Nintendo games.

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