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Exclusive Constantine, Gotham and The Flash previews on DC All Access



flash constantine gotham. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

flash constantine gotham. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThings intensify and get darker in the DC Entertainment camp as DC All Access gives a low down on the many live action series.

Most notably is Gotham presenting some backstory origins for one of Batman’s greatest nemesis the Scarecrow, who is set to feature in the episode “Scarecrow”. Not to mention with the preview of the Constantine finale featuring the Jim Corrigan, who you know eventually goes on to become ethereal Spectre in the comics. Oo, and the Flash is going damn near nuclear with featuring Firestorm in the coming series.

And with DC teasing /rumours of crossover episodes with the likes Arrow, Supergirl and the Flash, 2015 may just be a great vintage for the DC Entertainment on TV.

Check out the exclusive video and previews from DC All Access in the player below:


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