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Uncanny Inhumans new comic series launches in April



blackbolt uncanny Inhumans Cover. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

blackbolt uncanny Inhumans Cover. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelWith the rumours and news surrounding Vin Diesel being the face of Black Bolt, the Inhumans has caused some stir in the Marvel Universe yet again, this time in the upcoming comic series. Uncanny Inhumans, a series bolstered by the talented team that brough us the Death of Wolverine, will be hitting us straight from Marvel presses in April this year. Writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven head the duo creative team.

In current scheme of things, Black Bolt is thought to be dead. Theres a whole lot of Illuminati conspiracy stuff involved with the incidents that led to Infinity. But he’s revealed himself to be alive to the Avengers and SHIELD, just in time to grease the Marvel Studio machine and trumpet the arrival of Black Bolt to the big screen. Soule clarifies that narratives will cross over between the current Inhumans series and the coming Uncanny Inhumans, but the key difference between the series will be Uncanny Inhumans‘ more localised, “street-level” narrative approach:

Inhuman is the big, royal-level story focused on the various Inhuman factions and their struggle for control over the Inhuman “nation,” then Uncanny Inhumans will take more of a street-level approach, looking at some of the battles being fought on the ground, so to speak. It won’t be quite so focused on New Attilan and the struggles related to it. Maybe more of a global view.

Another key difference is that Inhuman focuses on Queen Medusa, while Uncanny‘s lead will be (primarily) Black Bolt. That said, the idea is to continue to bring up the newer characters we’ve met, guys like Reader, Lineage, Inferno, Iso, good old Frank McGee, and others in both books.

Check out the cover art for issue #0:uncanny Inhumans Cover. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

And check out the variant cover for Uncanny Inhuman #0 by Simone Bianchi:uncanny Inhumans Variant cover by Simone Bianchi. The Action pixel. @theactionpixel.

Uncanny Inhuman comic series is due for release in April 2015


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