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Halo 5: Guardians Exclusive Gameplay Video



343 Industries halo 5 guardian. The Action pixel. @TheActionPixel

343 Industries halo 5 guardian. The Action pixel. @TheActionPixelI know what you’re thinking. All the 343 Industries’ Halo Master Chief Collection, Spartan Strike Surface-peddler, books and Nightfall could be considered slight distractions from the long-awaited event: Halo 5: Guardians.

343 is set to release the beta version on Halo 5 come December 29th which is quite dandy. And with 343 Industries’ promise to use the data from beta to create a wholly better game experience, we have to say our hopes are up with the Christmas cholesteral.

Well until the beta version is unleashed on us, how would you like to see 1 hour of Halo 5 gameplay? Of course you would.

The video shows 2 fighter maps “Crossfire”, “Empire” (there’s also a third map up on Ready Up Live’s YouTube channel called “Truth”). The captured gameplay footage should give you some lovely insight into the various arsenal and techniques available to players, including the ability for players to:

Clamber: Players can climb up nearby ledges by pressing the A button.

Thruster Pack: An integrated thruster pack in the Spartan armor allows players to burst a short distance by pressing the B button and using the left stick to direct the movement.

Ground Pound: By using the thruster pack to launch down toward the ground from an elevated position, players can execute a ground pound and cause damage to nearby enemies.

Stabilizer: By pressing the left trigger while in the air, players can hover for a second to get off a shot before dropping.

Spartan Charge: Players can use the thruster pack to charge into an enemy, dealing damage with a shoulder bash.

Slide: After reaching top sprinting speed, the aiming reticule changes, letting players know they can click the right thumbstick to go into a slide.

Check out the video of over 1 hour of Halo 5 gameplay. The beta version of Halo 5: Guardians is out December 29th 2014:



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