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Marvel and Sony in talks about possible Spider-Man appearance in Civil War



CIVILWAR SPIDERMAN. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

CIVILWAR SPIDERMAN. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelOf course we know about the whole hacking scandal that has rocked Sony Entertainment recently, with 5 + feature films released into the public domain before cinematic release. Well that sucks. But apparently the hackers got into Sony emails as well and detail Marvel’s attempt to tie in Sony’s Spiderman into the The Avengers: Civil War film.

Ironman V Captain America Civil WarWe speculated at some point that this would need to happen if Marvel intended to remain true to the Civil War comic narrative arc, which is slated to come out after the Captain America and Iron Man bout get’s underway in Captain America 3.

But from Sony’s emails that leaked, Marvels attempt at a crossover pretty much went dud.
On October 30 Sony Pictures’ President Doug Belgrad tells Sony Motion Pictures’ chief Amy Pascal about a potential scenario that would see Marvel produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies.

Emails have also hinted at several other movies in the making, including Sinister Six and Venom. Rumours of a strong female-driven Spider-Verse movie and an animated Spider-Man comedy is also circulating; apparently it will be produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The Lego Movie. It’s hard to see Sony switching to third gear though on weaving together a Civil War narrative arc if they are focussing on Spider-Man funnies.

Way to show your hand Sony. Our guess is whoever is in charge of your systems security… fire them. And replace them with the group that hacked you in the first place. Has anyone learnt anything from Wikileaks and the age of information?!

Captain America 3: Civil War – May 6, 2016But with Captain America: Civil War due out in 2016, we doubt Sony will be up to meandering to Marvel’s more hectic cinematic schedule.

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