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Honest Trailers’ Guardians Of The Galaxy



honesttrailers. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

Of course you’ll have noticed Guardians Of The Galaxy is out on BluRay and DVD. Great film right!? But I remember when the video for a then obscure Marvel title, like Big Hero 6 had us a bit baffled why they would push these to the forefront, when Marvel had dozens of other titles to choose from.

honesttrailers. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelSo we definitely had a lighthearted chuckle when we came across a bit of comedy-fun from Honest Trailers, their latest video highlighting a very interesting point; Guardians Of The Galaxy is just The Avengers in space.

I guess if you have a formula, milk it until the utters are dry. See the video in the player below for yourself and you be the judge:


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