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GTA V: New Nex-Gen Trailer



© 2014 The Action Pixel / Dulani Wilson GTA VGrand Theft Auto V did us a solid and made public the new trailer for the nex-gen systems Xbox One and PS4. And of course with the recent news of the FPS option for those that wanted to get their COD on, we were pretty much not expecting to see anything terribly different, even if Rockstar’s bragging 1080p gameplay.

gta Trailer Rockstar. GTA V: FPS  THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelBut the trailer honestly makes me almost think this is new GTA title. It’s a sin to see how detailed and crisp the images are, makes you wonder what you were looking at playing the thing on PS3. GTA V reloaded is set to the shelves November 18.

Check out the trailer in the player below:


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