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Batman ’66: The Lost Episode



Batman seems to be like the nostalgic type, as DC Comics delves deeper into the archives resurrecting a ‘lost episode’ of the hit 1960’s Batman series (Ka-Pow) and illustrating the script in classic comic form. This will be the first time anyone would have seen this narrative, and storyline is written by renowned sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison. The comic itself will feature artwork from Joe Prado and José Luis García-López, with the resulting issue being acclimated into the Batman ’66 event series.

batman 66 twoface. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

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But what makes this comic a bit special is that it is based off a episode that never was that would have been the first filmic introduction of Two-Face (Harvey Dent gone bad). Not to mention Alex Ross has created cover art for the comic issue as well. Well he’s been quite busy:

Batman66LostEpisodeBatman ’66: The Lost Episode will have a 30-page narrative with over 40-pages of bonus material which goes on sale November 19th in print and digital from major retailers.