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Hisko Hulsing’s Junkyard



junkyard animation

junkyard animationIt’s usually said that the best moments of your life flash before your eyes right before you die. Sure we know its just the synapsis going haywire, trying to search your brain trying to find anything it can use for survive. But in Junkyard, the protagonist flashes touches on a childhood friendship and the effect such relationships have when they fall apart.

Junkyard Still. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

© Hisko Hulsing

Junkyard is a neat little short animation directed by Hisko Hulsing. I came across it during our usual internet voyage and deservedly got some film festival love. The animation uses mixed media, including oil painting, to create an artistic style that lends itself the realistic yet whimsical narrative. Check out the short here:


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