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Bee and PuppyCat Episodes 1 and 2



Bee and PuppyCat THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Bee and PuppyCat THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelWhat you are about to witness can only be described as a warm, slightly-fuzzy hug for your eyes in the form of the new series Bee and PuppyCat! The team at Channel Frederator looks like they have got that well-deserved funding and have premiered November 6th.

The first episode “Food” has big-haired Bee going food shopping on a shoe-string budget. And there’s some boy she’s trying to impress, and PuppyCat may need some house training. If you’ve come across Bee and PuppyCat before, expect the same cutesy (and Freudian) daydream sequences, “whaaa—” moments and the Bee’s seductive voice that can only be described as an ‘upward inflexion’ similar to a bird being slowly squeezed while it chirps.

The second episode “Farmer” is also up, as Bee, bribed PuppyCat to get her in on a tempt job to get a missing ingredient for her ‘wooing’ food. There is also something about inter-space dimensional travelling and alien cherries attacking. You’ll get what we mean. Natasha Allegri, we salute you. See the awesome episodes 1 and 2 below:



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