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Archer: AMV Trailer for Season 6



Archer Season 6 Music Video Trailer THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Archer Season 6 Music Video Trailer THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
The world’s greatest spy Archer Sterling reports back to duty in baller-style in a music video ahead of the much anticipated Season 6. Pam is fat again, but admittedly, I find her quite the catch at either extreme of the scale. Gigantor-handed Lana is packing semi-autos with the baby-formula and Kreger… well… is being Kreger. The music video premiered on Entertainment Weekly and can be viewed below:

We for one can’t wait to see what the awesome ISIS CIA get up to. Although if last season is any indication, they won’t be any good at the new organisation; they couldn’t move a few keys of cocaine or get it in well with para-military South American contras. Boom! Political and social commentary! DangerZone!

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