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Virtual Reality: The future of Gaming?



Oculus Virtual RitualityWith the recent news making the rounds on the internet, from the Oculus Rift powered Samsung VR headset, to Sony announcing project Morpheus VR helmet being developed for the PS4, it would seem Virtual Reality is the flavour of the coming months. We also remember recently the project in development that will allow us to experience the BatCave in VR. But one has to wonder, is it a fad like pseudo 3D being churned out by hollywood action flicks or is this a legitimate attempt to revolutionise gaming culture.

The application of this technology, if successful, potentially opens up a whole new patleau for gaming. We’re talking HUD, Iron Man-styled gaming. Think about it. First Person Shooters like Call Of Duty would be even more intense, not to mention survival horrors like Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within would bring us that much closer to a cardiac arrest.

The Oculus VR helmet is rumoured to be sold to the public at a price of between US $200 and US $400. So with the hefty price tag. Which begs us to absorb the wise cookie-cutter wisdom about new technology. Don’t bandwagon it until its worked out any possible kinks. But having personally played using the VR headset, I can imagine as immersive as gameplay gets, playing for hours at a time may just play havoc and strain on the eyes.

In any case, we can’t wait to see this mainstreamed into our homes. We have the technology. Now they just have to build content that exploits the vast possibilities of VR. It will be a slow start, pretty much like when the Wii first came out, but as things progress, hopefully we can get some dynamic VR video games in our canon.

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