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“The Evil Within” Trailer



The Evil Within

The Evil Within releases October 14th

October isn’t letting up with the horror fest, and the latest body count to the truly horrifying games to add to your scared shit-less list comes in the form of this nice, succinct trailer. Apparently it’s not enough to know that you can die. They have to let you know how many ways you can die. Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks surely have created a monster. Monsters- plural.

In The Evil Within, you play Sebastian, a Crimson City detective. Which is all irrelevant when you’re sucked into a nether-realm where subhuman, monstrous abominations want to take your life. Oh yeah, and then there’s Ruvik.

© Shinji Mikami

© Bethesda Softworks LLC

He’ll be accompanying you in your gameplay in the same way a supernatural, sadistic Jason would chaperone you on your first date to a surreal hellish ‘Carrie’-type prom with a bloody Mary made from the blood of a girl called Mary. Fantastic.

You’ll need nerves of steel, and your wit as well, as that visuo-spatial scratchpad of yours will be put to the test, solving puzzles and sifting through clues. A unique addition to the typical survival horror game. For your survival. So no pressure or anything.

Check out the trailer in the player below. Release date comes October 14th, so you should still be buzzing of TWD’s season premiere tonight. Try not to wet your pants.

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