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Terrorists can also hijack Video Games



© 2014 The Action Pixel / Dulani Wilson Call of Duty Terrorism

© 2014 The Action Pixel / Dulani Wilson Call of Duty Terrorism
As a Call Of Duty fan, it’s very interesting to see how these games have sunk into my psyche. A few years ago if you asked me what a UAV was, or ADS, or LZ, I’d ask you if you have a problem saying your alphabets. But after hours watching my six, ACOG’ing my assault rifles and getting all giddy shooting rival players in the head, the terminological language of the army reads like a second language. So much so, I don’t even listen to the news the same; any shady happenings dismissed as roadside bombs killing a chief Iran Nuclear Scientist would have me wondering which black ops team got the green light.
It is not uncommon that new media, particularly video games, have been at the forefront of army recruitment in recent years. So I guess it should not be a surprise that terrorists have used the language of the video game to do their own recruiting. First Person Shooters seem to be the video game staple of choice: Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, Halo… just to name a few. Sounds and chimes similar to those that appear in COD are being spliced into terrorist’s video’s soundtrack, or terrorists calling their jihad “their Call Of Duty” and how they will “Respawn in Jannah”. But one could argue that games like COD and every First Person Shooter has a jingoist, ethnocentric, them / us paradigm that could be said to be its own form of recruitment for Anglo-hegemonies.
Right. Disturbing. So it is good to know most gamers are not mindless drones or sanguineous beyond the spray of red pixels. No matter how much the media would love to convince you otherwise. But this terrorist group’s attempt to mesh their ignorance with the language of social interactive platforms reeks of desperation and ‘bandwagonism’. Pretty much like every piece of war propaganda that ever existed on either side. Talk about trolling.

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