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Who'd be the better Wonder Woman? @theactionpixel
By now the inter web has been churning over Gal Gadot dawning the tiara in Batman V. Superman cinema film Dawn Of Justice. And somewhat embarrassingly I went on a bit of a rant as well. Well you can understand our concerns are not baseless. Hollywood and Comics tend to have the tendency to go for hot model babes for every single heroine they conceive / have access to / most popular. And I am not one to offer a whole bunch of issues without solutions.
So who would make a better Wonder Woman? Well here. We are chocked full of opinions:
Lucy Lawless: W2 Draft Pick LUCY LAWLESS: Anyone who watched Xena in their lifetime most undoubted thought “She’d make a great Wonder Woman”. Of course: the jet black hair, the smouldering blue eyes, a non-size 0 physique… the attitude that made you say “She’s hot” but you’d dare not say it to her face out of fear of getting your ass kicked. And we all saw how she rocked that chick armour. So yeah, her legs may not have been protected, but golly did she look good in it. I’d be her mail any day. Mail. Armor. Man. homophones…. see what I did there? Plus her acting is on parr with her Wonder Woman look, so she would be an awesome shoe-in.
Lena Headley: W2 Draft Pick LENA HEADEY: Well we know she’s pretty much not sorry for spoiling spoilers by not spoiling with a spoiler (it seems Game Of Thrones geeks are quite complicatedly stupid). But hey, perfect jawline, feminine yet angular. She’s got a proven record in 300 films and Game Of Thrones in the acting and physical department. Plus she looks quite comfortable and at home in period / dated garments. Lena’s tall, athletic physique makes her a very viable pick for dawning those indestructible bracelets.
Gina: W2 Draft Pick GINA CARANO: Now here is a a woman would could surely kick your ass in real life. With a physique that is from top to bottom (hmm, I made myself happy) Greek-marble chiselled, she already has the Amazonian build. Ex-MMA, 4th greatest fighter of the world in her prime you know she still has some mad fighting skills. She’s also an actress, and not to overlook the fact she is not a stranger to the graphic novel; it was announced at Comic Con in 2013 she is to star in a screen adaptation of Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne. I for one would love to see her dawn the tiara. The only thing she’d need to do is get some cold blue eyes.
Kate Beckingsale: W2 Draft Pick KATE BECKINSALE: Underworld. Van Helsing. I think she’d be hungry now for a film role that matters (okay so Van Helsing admittedly is a guilty watching pleasure of mine). She’s also Bri’ish love, so that snooty, greater-than-thou complex should be something she could pull off quite naturally. And we all know how the British love their period films. Pretty much all they make there. So she could pull off the Lesbos-look quite easily as well.
Jenniffer Connolley JENNIFER CONNELLY: I think acting in Noah made us consider her somewhat, and her eyes did the rest of the convincing. May take a bit of work but I think she’d potentially be a good fit.

Either one could be a great fit. Those star-spangled boots are a tough one to fill, but we think there is a definite winner in our draft pick. Or maybe Gal will surprise us… fingers crucified.

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