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The Strain



I remember Guillermo del Toro Gomez’s intellectual masturbatory talk about his brand of vampires mirroring the feeding cycle of ticks, feeding and shitting and vomiting and all that good stuff to make room for flesh blood. And after being skull f**ked by the likes of True Blood and Twilight, with their metrosexual quasi-vampire types engaged in everything from ‘celibacy porn’ to ‘blood orgies’, it’s good to see that the vampire horror going back to its roots, and a new means of infection that’ll make your skin crawl… literally.
Based on real parasitic worms like the horsehair worm, that have the tendency to life in the host and straight up takes control over insect host’s body, this creepy crawly element really adds to the parasitic gross factor that makes vampires vampires. At the mere whiff of haemoglobin, the infected become a bit ‘Alien’ and get the sucking.
“We are not really looking for vampires as a drama. Do you think you can come up with a comedic take on this?” That was the response when Del Toro pitched the Strain (which was a film script then) to FX in 2006. Thank god Toro walked out of their, because what followed was the creation of the comic book series that gained a real cult following. And deservedly so. The artwork was bloodcurdling and graphic to say the least. A real eye feast.
And with the film season finale on October 5, 2014, it should be a real bloodfest. Let’’s bring it all back with the official film trailer to remind us of the Vampiric horror desert we have been roaming since Blade. Yes, soak it in:

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