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Constantine TV series Trailer



'Constantine' series

'Constantine' series

I mean we are not fans of smack talking Brits but we’ll make the exception for the somewhat unrefined, blaspheming, cigarette chain smoking Master of the Dark Arts, John Constantine. For you comic book fans, we all know this is based on DC’s Hellblazer. Nevertheless, an interesting line up from the onslaught of DC Comics TV series in production. This one stars Matt Ryan as Constantine. So it’ll be bereft of Keanu Reeves, which we are happy with as we always felt Constantine needed to be a bit more… dirty. He’s British after all. With more than a few references of the occult and exorcism, Constantine’s sure to get the blood pumping the wrong way and get your nerves on end. It’s (super)naturally good. See what I did there. Premiering October 24 on NBC, we’re expecting something of a fright-fest that’ll make Supernatural a laughable attempt at supernatural horror (to be fair, any series could achieve that). Unless of course the PC-police have censored and edited out more than Constantine’s silk-cut, fag-chugging habit. Ah the Bri’ish. Hard to believe they ruled the world once. Check out the Constantine extended trailer:


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