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‘Spawn’ Concept Art from the New Animation in production



Spawn Animation On @

Todd McFarlane recently blessed us with art from the cursed, hell bound anti-hero Spawn. The upcoming animation production is currently in the works. The artwork quite detailed and definitely . The released artwork includes character design images of Todd and Twitch, the loveable detective duo in Spawn, which look great. It seems like ages ago since the HBO’s award-winning animation brought the dark, brooding Spawn universe to our TV screens. 1998 if memory serves me correctly. We personally can’t wait to see any retelling and re-imaginings sure to help us delve deeper in the Spawn universe. Check out some of the artwork below:

sam & Twitch on

Sam And Twitch Character Design © Image

spawn Concept Art on

© Image. Background Design Artwork from Spawn Animation

spawn Concept Art on

© Image. Background Design Artwork render from Spawn Animation

I would go on further to tell you details on release dates and stuff, but obviously this is all confidential, right Todd:

Bring on SPAWN!

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