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Mr. Pickles: An Exorcise in Futility



Mr Pickles @ TheActionPixel

Mr Pickles @ TheActionPixelWhatever happened to the good ol’ days where Lassy was that helpful dog that could guide you to save little Timmy from some secluded well, or protect you from… I don’t know… burly Woodsmen? Yeah. But then there’s Mr. Pickles. A border collie dog that likes pickles. His favourite treat. Okay, fine. Innocent enough. Only overlooking the mere fact this is a dog that draws pentagrams in the lawn by dragging his ass on the grass, speaks in evil tongues, mutilates hookers and gropes your mom in the kitchen whilst acting all innocent. I mean we would put him down, but he’s soooo adorable! Right?

Mr Pickles @ TheActionPixel .com

In any case, we’re wondering how this series (created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart) could last any longer than it has. The devil dog only seems to be on the ol’ grandpa’s radar, as he tries to warn and convince his stupid, chromosome-deficient family about this Satanic canine. In general, it just left us with a lot of W’s, T’s and F’s, ignoring the rest of our trusted alphabetas. We had whiffs of watching Courage, The Cowardly Dog for some reason too, except only shitloads more disturbing with the simple crude comix-styled animation that compliments the gross-out scenes. Simply, it’s virtually pointless Satanic Illuminati dribble to get the conspiracy theorist clucking on social media to up the shows ‘talked-about’ factor. Makes you wonder sometimes how Adult Swim can get it so right with one series and so wrong with another.

Watch an episode if you have a few minutes to kill. You will inevitably either lose interest or unwittingly sign up to some secret society asking for your first blood sacrifice. As long as it it’s not your time or a dog named Mr. Pickles, you should be fine.

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