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“Mike Tyson Mysteries” Preview Screener



miketysonmysteriesTyson in the 80’s. Seeing him in the ring was the special kind of events paramount to seeing Halley’s Comet or God punching a man in the face. Of course the K.O. King has mellowed out over the years, and in that time we’ve gotten to see the lighter, humorous side of Iron Mike. So you have to understand my giddiness as an 80’s kid when Adult Swim gave us a sexy little taster of a flagship series based on Iron Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson Mysteries. The animation looks awesome, lovingly reminiscent of all those Fat Albert And the Cosby Kids and Scooby-Doo cartoon series. Except Mike Tyson Mysteries has more balls and is way more funnier.

With the odd pairing up with a hot Chinese Velma-esque chick Yung Hee, the ghost Marquess of Queensberry and a liquor-drinking smack-talking Pigeon… who is an actual Pigeon, Mike Tyson receives kites via pigeons of people needing his help. He then gets busy putting the world right one mystery solved and one punch at a time. Genius.

Premiering next Monday October 27th on Adult Swim, we can’t wait to see Mike Tyson punch baddies’ daylights out… you know what I mean. Iron Mike posted a whole preview episode on Twitter. Worth the watch:

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