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‘Supergirl’ lands on CBS



Supergirl lands on CBS

Supergirl lands on CBS

It seems even in the jet stream of Superman’s curtails coming at us in the cinemas via Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,  we can’t get enough of the Kryptonians on our screen. Apparently CBS has given the kryptonite-green light to make a Supergirl film series.

In the DC Universe, Supergirl, whose real name is Kara Zor-El, is cousin to the original boy-scout-in-blue who survived, along with Argo City, the explosion of the planet Krypton. Zor-El, Kara’s Father, sends Kara to Earth to be raised (and trained) by her cousin, Kal-El, aka Superman. She later takes on the mantle as Supergirl.

Kara pretty much has great boots to fill, but being blonde and beautiful may work out to her favour anyway. Flash and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti and New Normal’s Ali Adler will write the Supergirl series. Hopefully it will be a little more intense and less soap opera-y than CW’s Smallville.

The DC camp surely is busy, going toe to toe with Disney’s Marvel’s recent escapades in the film series arena. Who will be victor? Who cares. As long as the fans get riveting, passionate stories that bring their respective hero mythos to life. In particular to Supergirl, Kara’s character can be a potentially dynamic one. She’s often seen as second rate in a sense to the mythos that is Superman, and her trying to prove her worth whilst standing under the Kryptonian Coat of Arms should make for quite a compelling story. We only can wait now for the alien chick to land.

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