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“Bioshock 4” is bringing us a very Fallout-style of gameplay

Shock to the system?



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When it comes to cataclysmic-razed dystopias that are architecturally stunning even in its ugliness, Bioshock has pricked the imagination of many a gamer. But with the coming installment in the 2K Games series – BioShock 4, the game we’ve come to know and love is set to go through a revamp that will change our style of gameplay.

bioshock, bioshock 4, 2k games, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,

Bioshock 4 will be introducing massive maps to explore. Not only that, but BioShock 4 will feature dialogue/decisional gaming that is quite reminiscent of Bethesda’s famed Fallout franchise.

This means as well that fans can expect a less-linear style of narrative they are used to.

Nevertheless, when BioShock makes a splash on the PS5, it will be up agains some series competition by games that have, funnily enough, built on top of the narrative legacy of BioShock when it first revolutionised gameplay. Looking at you Far Cry 6.

In any case, BioShock 4 is still in development, and hopefully, they won’t fall into a formulaic rut, seeing  BioShock Infinite’s claim that “there’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city”. Theoretically. You could build a universe with a Cloud Chamber, but not even that can’t fix mundanity.

More as things develop.

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