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James Gunn gets booted from directing “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3” over series of ‘controversial’ tweets



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James Gunn, the director of those Marvel films that are arguably among the weakest in Marvel Studios 10-year run –Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. – has been axed from directing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3. And it only seemed like yesterday the director was showing off the latest draft of the GotG Vol. 3 script.

So what would make Mickey Mouse + Marvel get James Gunn the fuck out of here? Tweets. More specifically, jokes. You know the offensive kind. How offensive you ask? Well, here’s a few:

james gunn, tweets, paedophile, guardians of the galaxy

I’m a fan of wtf crude jokes, stylings of the likes of Chris Rock and George Carlin. The above is NOT jokes. Or funny. Or even chuckle-worthy. And I’d probably check his computer while you’re at it.

He, of course, led with an apology… or something that had the semblance of an apology… on the place that also got him in trouble – Twitter:


There are other tweets but honestly cant bother wasting any more typing this article. Objectively, I their are many taboo jokes but the best create balance. A certain amount of characters won’t achieve that. And paedophilia, more than anything is not funny. Neither is rape. Unless the context is you’re exposing a truth much like DL Hughley did when exposing Bill Cosby.

Otherwise, you’re just a piece of shit.

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