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Director Ava DuVernay is pegged to spearhead DC’s “New Gods” movie



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ava duvernay, new gods, orion, dc comics, warner bros. pictures, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,Now, this is some news that goes some ways into restoring faith in the DC movie eco-system. A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay is reported been drafted to direct DC Comics’ New Gods film. The New Gods film is currently in the development stages. This is a world that hasn’t yet been touch film, and Jack Kirby’s work has paved the way for everything regarding Orion, Big Barda, Darkseid and the classic tale of two totally different worlds colliding. Think Thor films but just… more.

And just remember Ava was first up to direct Black Panther before she turned down the project.

As the comic story goes,the New Gods are the offspring of the old gods depicted in classical mythology. They didn’t survive Ragnarok. The world of these known deities was split and became two separate planets, one called New Genesis, which is pretty much heaven and that other place – Nazi Germany Apokolips.

An important thing to note is that this film will not be connected to the DCEU. And if you have been keeping an eye on DC’s current film push like that of Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice and the Justice League, you’ll notice that everything is pushing towards Darkseid making an appearance. And seeing that Darkseid is part of the New Gods‘ story, we’re sure there will be some staggering of release dates by a few months / years so people don’t get “confused”. But quite frankly, we’d rather see a well-crafted trilogy from Ava building up the convergence and clash betwixt the gods of Apokolips and New Genesis, than whatever is happening in DC right now. Sorry. Not sorry.

The idea of seeing a hot-headed Orion discovering his pops is not from New Genesis and learning about his connection to Darkseid makes us very giddy inside.

More news as things develop.

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