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“The Boondocks” may be making a triumphant return, but not as a series…



boondocks, the boondocks, Aaron McGruder, the action pixel, entertainment on tap

boondocks, the boondocks, Aaron McGruder, the action pixel, entertainment on tap

The Boondocks has been a cult classic animated series ever since its conception from the comic strip. The narratives and social topical commentary around tricky topics like religion and race stirred up controversy as it did praise, and since the fourth season which saw the creator Aaron McGruder removed from the team due to creative differences, it has been somewhat silent for Riley and Huey.

But taking to the official Facebook page, McGruder made a post that seems to suggest the iconic characters are set to return to the public zeitgeist but not as part of an animated series, but a mobile game. What better way to celebrate the 20-year anniversary.

Aaron McGruder speaks on the budding project:

A few months ago I started playing with the idea of video games – something I always wanted to do but never made the time for. It’s a medium that feels right for our violently turbulent times, and right for The Boondocks. I have no idea what the App Store will let us get away with. It’s uncharted territory, and good to do something completely new with the characters. It won’t be for every fan of the show or the comic strip, but it’s equally as sincere, and still a bizarre political satire that is largely about race and inappropriate for children.

Check out the full post below:


Now whether McGruder’s “App Store” route leads him to create an episodic game series like that of Telltale Games, or if it means creating something along the lines of an endless runner / build and craft game or a combination of both, it will be interesting to see how the team introduces new elements to the game whilst infusing the franchises signature humour and topical elements that are forever changing in the whacky sitcom we call life.

More news as things develop.

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