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Disney + 20th Century Fox merger effects cause major shifts in the release schedules of “Deadpool 2”, “The New Mutants” and “Gambit”



deadpool ,gambit,marvel, disney, marvel, 20th century fox, gambit, the action pixel, entertainment on tap

deadpool ,gambit,marvel, disney, marvel, 20th century fox, gambit, the action pixel, entertainment on tap

It seems the permeating effects of the Disney’s 20th Century Fox acquisition is now having its effects felt as news comes of a dynamic shift in the release dates of many of the planed Marvel franchised films including Deadpool 2 and The New Mutants.

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Deadpool 2 will now be released in cinemas on May 18th rather than June 1, which puts it opposite Sony Pictures’ Slenderman and one week ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lot of competition in that tight slot.

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Meanwhile, The New Mutants, which Fox previously had slated for an April 13 release, will now not hit theaters until February 22, 2019. With many estimations expecting the Fox-Disney merger to take about 12 months to be vetted and either approved or denied, it is unclear what would occur to The New Mutants should the deal were to reach a conclusion before its release.

Our only concern is that these reshuffles translates into less creative marketing strategies and the time needed to execute them, as well as rushed edits to meet new deadlines.
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And the real long-suffering project in all of this has no end in sight, We are of course speaking about Gambit. Channing Tatum is still attached to star as the Cajun, but the release date of the film is pushed back yet again. What was once the day of love – February 14, 2019 – is now being pushed to release come June 7, 2019.

And to crown things off, reports earlier today announced the current director Gore Verbinski has jumped ship and will no longer be directing the solo Gambit film. Mercy me, cher.

And with the announcement of a Tim Miller-led Kitty Pryde movie in the works, as well as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a lot of the Marvel-franchise movies over at Fox seems precarious up in the air in terms of release dates. Worse in terms of completion.

“Do you think some of the later films that don’t make the merger threshold will be axed from production? Tell us in the comment section + via Twitter @TheActionPixel


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