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“LawBreakers” signals their arrival to the PS4



lawbreakers, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, playstation ,rise or fall

lawbreakers, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,

LawBreakers gives fans a shiny new action packed physics-defying trailer that is sure to get PS4 console fans charged up. Formerly a PC exclusive, LawBreakers creators have now announced a PS4 port for the coming game

Description reads:

Gravity can go fuck itself in the premier cinematic trailer for LawBreakers, the new skill-based multiplayer FPS from Cliff Bleszinski. Witness a diverse cast of gravity-defying characters clash after a heist gone wrong, as the Law and Breakers vie for control of a mysterious briefcase. What could be inside? Who the hell knows, but one thing is for certain: one side will RISE and the other FALL. Coming soon to PC and PS4

Watch the LawBreakers “Rise Or Fall” trailer in the player below:


And though the game is coming to both PC and PS4, don’t expect in cross-compatibility for LawBreakers. Lawbreakers lead developer Cliff Bleszinski explains:

We made the decision not to do cross-play, and there are a lot of people with this pipe dream of PC and console cross-play. It’s like, ‘No, be the best console game you can be, or be the best PC game you can be.’ Because then you get PC players getting angry that there’s aim assist on console, or with balance issues.

lawbreakers, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, playstation ,rise or fallGuess that makes ’em trendbreakers too.

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