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Gorillaz is getting their own animated TV series



gorillaz, the action pixel,entertainment on tap,

gorillaz, the action pixel,entertainment on tap,

Since the Gorillaz exploded on the scene in the early 2000s, they managed to secure a place in the music zeitgeist, skilfully treading the razor-sharp wire between niche and gimmick. Which is a very thin line. But as the animation and collabs got better, we essentially saw them as a group, not whimsical drawings on a timeline. Hell, they even look like the new Beetles.

And as such it is only fair that they follow in the step of the Beetles… and MC Hammer… and New Kids On The Block… and MJ… to become part of a new animated TV series.

Yep, Gorillaz is about to play true to their medium and give us a new TV series.

The series is currently in development and is set to be a 10-part episode. Band members Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett had the idea for a narrative based film for the Gorillaz since the band banded in 1998, and as the series goes, Hewlett spoke on the current situation:

I’ll direct the first and the last one but we’ll have to get someone in to direct the other episodes. I think even attempting to do it all by myself will kill me.

Imagine how the animators feel.

But if the quality is anything like what I’ve been rocking to for the past couple weeks, the series will be visually engaging, to say the least:


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