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A “Young Justice” comic series is possible, but fans are going to have to dig in to help



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young justice, warner bros., the action pixel, entertainment on tap, season 3, netflix, @theactionpixel, dc comics, wb animationYoung Justice fans thought that the coming of Season 3 was the greatest comeback in WB + DC history.

Now we have more to look forward to.

Young Justice creator Greg Weisman informed fans the TV show could possible herald a new Young Justice comic book series. The creator would obviously be DC Comics. But as Weisman, which seems to be the case with the Young Justice IP, DC needs convincing:

Brandon Vietti and I are hard at work on Season Three of the Young Justice television series. But (a) we just got started and (2) making animated episodes takes a LONG time. (Ten months minimum. MINIMUM.). So, if you want more new YJ stories sooner, the answer is pretty simple. Artist Christopher Jones and I are chomping at the bit to make more YOUNG JUSTICE stories in comic book form. Producing a comic book takes considerably less time than producing television episodes,so if we got a green light on a comic book series now, you could theoretically have new stories in a matter of months.


Which is slightly absurd seeing how Young Justice is as a cult classic as it is.

“Want Young Justice in panel form? Or are you just happy with the Season 3? Let’s hear it in the comment section in the player below”


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