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“Mass Effect Andromeda” and “Titanfall 2” among highlights of EA’s E3 conference



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The mighty video game publisher EA was the first to show at this year’s E3 and their conference certainly didn’t disappoint with a host of new games which’ll be gracing our gaming systems in the months to come. Here are T.A.P’s personal highlights:


Titalfall 2

Release date – 28th October 2016

The formerly Xbox exclusive, now multi-platform franchise had a strong showing with a confirmed single player campaign (Finally!) and footage of its new multiplayer mode and I must say, the mp action looked very slick indeed. Titanfall is trying to break into a crowded multiplayer shooter market at the moment and as the first in the series kind of fizzled out, it really needed a strong showing to re-ignite interest. Well, it did just that and we at ‘The Action Pixel’ will certainly be interested in trying out the sequel after such a fun looking trailer.

Oh and in case you missed it – here’s the trailer for the much needed single player campaign making the whole TitanFall 2 package look extremely tempting indeed:

If you want early access to this game, pop over to to sign up for the beta.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Release Date – Early 2017

One of the most anticipated games of E3 got surprisingly little information keeping fans chomping at the bit to find out what’s gonna happen in the latest entry in the phenomenal ‘Mass Effect’ series. We now know in very broad terms that the game will see a team of N7 agents from The Milky Way exploring the Andromeda galaxy looking for a new home for mankind. The developers promise the most beautiful, open ‘Mass Effect’ yet and judging from this behind the scene video, they’re certainly on track to deliver. Expect more information very soon.


EA Play to Give

In what we hope will be the start of a big charitable push from games publishers, EA also launched it’s ‘Play To Give’ initiative where it’ll link in game competitions to charitable giving culminating in a million dollar donation to five charitable organisations that promote women’s rights and teaching young people how to code. This is welcome news indeed and will hopefully go someway to improving EA’s slightly dodgy reputation and improving the image of gamers in a post gamergate world. Bravo EA!


Fifa 17

Release Date – 27th September 2016

Unlike Madden which looked like more of the same, Fifa is taking a slightly different tactic this year (in what we assume is an attempt to attract new players) in the form of ‘The Journey’ mode. This looks like a story heavy single player campaign where you take the role of a young new recruit in the premier league and deal with on the field and off the field trials as you attempt to reach football glory. The trailer looks like something you’d see in a ‘Mafia’ game and it certainly puts a new twist on the yearly sports title.


Star Wars

Again we were hoping for something a bit bigger from EA’s Star Wars announcement but besides a very well made behind the scenes trailer there was little in the way of actual new information. EA did confrim there will be a new ‘Battlefront’ game in 2017 including material from the new films and mentioned Amy Hennig’s mysterious Star Wars Action Adventure will follow soon after in 2018. We’re always excited by new Star Wars stuff here at T.A.P but until there’s something more solid to report on, we’re just gonna have to keep waiting like everyone else.



Battlefield 1

Release Date –  21st October 2016

Rounding off the show was the much hyped Battlefield 1, the latest in EA’s marquee shooter set in the confines of The Great War. There’s been a lot of chatter around this game and the trailer certainly looked very enticing indeed. What particularly stood out was the news that players can take control of massive WW1 airships, armoured trains and Battleships during the game which combined with the tank and horse combat (of all things) makes ‘Battlefield 1’ the most interesting FPS prospect in years. Check out the trailer below and tell us you’re not even a little excited.



Let us know what your own favourite was from the EA conference and keep it locked on T.A.P for more E3 news throughout the week.


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