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There is a pretty well-hidden Easter Egg in “The Witcher III: Blood And Wine” DLC



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There a nice little Easter Egg tucked away in The Witcher 3 DLC “Blood And Wine” which stands as a testament to CD Projekt Red’s incredible journey in making a prolific roaming fantasy game.

And what’s the egg? A hidden photo of the game development team hidden amongst the mountains of Toussaint.

Found by pippo311lp, check out his video:


Unfortunately, barring any fantastical glitches, console players won’t be able to access the area shown in pippo311lp’s video above. The only reason pippo found it in the first place was thanks to the freecamera mod which let them scout the area and teleport Geralt onto a random mountain. It even requires you to turn on Witcher vision just for added secrecy. Still, it’s a nice little reminder of the wonderful journey it has been and to know the teams up there looking down on us like some benevolent but sadistic god.

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